Stevioside sweetener

- Dec 07, 2018-

Stevioside as a natural sweetener, which is extract from stevia plant.  It usually used in food additive. It taste puckey , smells link mint, is composites.

stevioside powder

researches show that stevioside has decreasing blood pressure effect. It will not affect the patient's blood sugar, uric acid and blood lipids. So hypertensive patients can brew stevia tea on weekdays, as a blood pressure lowering health drink.

the ADI value of stevioside is 5.5mg/k, and it has approved by 8 countries including China, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Paraguay, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. In the future, it will be accepted all over the world, so it has a very good commercial prospect.

Moreover, stevioside is the main component in the dried leaves of stevia, which has high sweetness, low calorie and certain pharmacological effects. It also has the functions of treating diabetes, controlling blood sugar, lowering blood pressure, resisting tumor, resisting diarrhea, improving immunity and promoting metabolism. Besides, it has a good effect on controlling obesity, regulating stomach acid and restoring nerve fatigue. Pediatric dental caries and the like also have significant effects, the most important of which is to eliminate the side effects of sucrose.

So, what’s the application?


1. It is widely used as a medicine, which can be as additives of making tablets, capsules.


2. It is a non-sugar sweetener , and under the action of bacteria in the mouth it does not produce acid, so it is made from confectionery, drinks, which can prevent obese people from gaining weight and avoiding childhood obesity.

Let more and more people knows the benfits of stevioside!

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