the nutrition and strawberry powder use

- Jan 09, 2018-

Strawberry, which is one of my favorite fruits. No matter what seasons, we all have strawberry to eat. But do you know the nutrition for strawberry and what we can do with strawberry powder

strawberry juice powder

At first, strawberry is rich in amino acids, amino acids play a role in the body's digestion and eat more strawberry can help to digestion. Second, strawberry has rich in Vitamin C can delay skin aging. strawberry also has other functions such as Promote growth and development, Relieve visual fatigue, Runchang, Prevent night blindness and Enhance appetite. with so many functions, strawberry can be made in strawberry powder. There is one of strawberry powder called freeze-dried strawberry powder. it keeps the strawberry flavor and strawberry pulp. can be used in strawberry juice powder and drinks every day. can be used in ice cream, it delicious and cool. also can be used in cakes and snacks. if you like to eat a strawberry, take action to look for it and try to use strawberry powder.

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