What are the benefits of taking nattokinase for a long time?

- May 16, 2019-

In recent years, it has been studied by Japanese medical scientists and physiologists that soy protein is insoluble. When soybeans are made into natto, they become soluble and produce amino acids, which help the stomach to digest and absorb. The composition of natto is moisture 61.8%, crude protein 19.26%, crude fat 8.17%, carbohydrate 6.09%, crude fiber 2.2%, ash 1.86%. As a plant food, crude protein and fat are the most abundant. Natto is a high protein nourishing food. The phytol which is contained in natto can eliminate excess cholesterol in the body, decompose fatty acids in the body, and restore abnormal blood pressure to normal.


Studies have shown that the health function of natto is mainly related to various functional factors such as nattokinase, natto isoflavones, saponins, and vitamin K2.

Nattokinase is the most thrombolytic food enzyme discovered by humans. Its thrombolytic capacity may exceed all the thrombolytic drugs found in the world today, and it is safe and has no toxic side effects. There have been medical studies showing that its thrombolytic capacity is 19 times that of urokinase.

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