What are the health benefits of fish collagen powder?

- Dec 08, 2019-

Fish Collagen powder is a kind of biopolymer and the main component of animal connective tissue, but also the content of most mammals, the most widely distributed functional protein, accounting for 25% to 30% of the total protein, certain organisms or even up to 80%

Health Benefits of Fish Collagen powder

1. Molding moisture.

Fish collagen can intensely absorb water in the air and form a hydration shell to mold moisture, as having lots of hydrophilic groups.

2. Whitening.
Fish collagen may prevent tyrosine from translating into melanin, eliminate free radicals in the body, anti oxygenation, promote cell metabolism, postpone cell's aging. So it can make human skin soft, inch in elasticity, and obviously whiten.

3. Removing wrinkles and anti-aging.
Researches show that skins aging, the losing of its flexibility and brightness, wrinkles forming are caused by gradual reduction of hydroxyproline with aging. Because of containing plenty of hydroxyprolines, fish collage can provide raw materials for collagen's synthesis, obviously postponing skin senility and reducing wrinkles.

natural Fish Collagen powder

4. Removing blain.
Greasy skin may secrete a great deal of grease leading to blain's growth. Fish collagen may directly penetrate cutis to supply moisture, increase the skin's water retention degree several times, so grease secretion decreases by itself. It also provides amino acids for skin collagen's metabolism, makes cells having regeneration function, so it can achieve the effect of removing blain.

5. Removing shadows under eyes and pouch.
Skin structure may be tightened and have no slit using collagen because the blood doesn't accumulate at slit leading to shadows and pouch's forming. The skin of eye region descending causes forming pouch. Using fish collagen may let it turn tight and achieve removing the effect.  

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