What can bromelain be used for?

- Oct 24, 2019-

Bromelain from plants-in pineapple biological engineering technology extraction and refined a group of sulfur hydrolysis protease, its molecular weight for 33000, the isoelectric point of 9.55. Pineapple proteinase mainly comes from plant stem, so also called stem pineapple proteinase. The main components of pineapple proteinase is a kind of containing sulfur protease, also contain peroxidase, acidic phosphatase, several protein inhibitors and organic HuoXing Gai, the active center for sulphur (SH), that can do all kinds of proteins hydrolysis, biochemical reaction, and can be widely used in the food, medicine and biology, etc.




Medical and health industry

digestive aid; anti-inflammatory; burn to heal; sports injury healing; wound healing; improvement of antibiotic action; modulation of tumor growth

Food industry

meat tenderization; baking processes; protein hydrolysate production; beer clarification

Cosmetic industry

gentle peeling agent

Leather industry

hydrolyzing agent (skin pre-tanning, softening and bating)

Textile industry

improve the dyeing properties of protein fibers from silk and wool

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