what does coenzyme q10 do

- Dec 26, 2018-

Coenzyme Q10 is a fat-soluble antioxidant that can activate the nutrition of human cells and cellular energy. It has the functions of improving human immunity, enhancing anti-oxidation, delaying aging and enhancing human vitality. It is widely used in cardiovascular diseases in medicine and health care products and food additives.


The earliest production of coenzyme Q10 is extract from tobacco leaves, but the cost very high. With the modern technology , coenzyme Q10 was produced by microbial fermentation, which is not only reduces costs but also improved the quality.

1. Its anti-oxidation

Coenzyme Q10 has two main functions in the body. One is to play an important role in the process of converting nutrients into energy in the mitochondria. The other is obvious anti-lipid peroxidation. Therefore, Q10 is very popular in women using for anti-aging.  So, it can be used in cosmetics as additives and food supplement.

2. its application

It applicable to many people, such as athletes, mental workers, immune system, supplements , heart disease, periodontitis, gastric ulcer, Alzheimer's disease. And coenzyme Q10 for diabetes as supplements  will help improve the condition.  

coenzyme q10

More importantly, Coenzyme Q10 can be used for adjuvant treatment of the following diseases:

1, cardiovascular diseases, such as: viral toxic myocarditis, chronic heart failure.

2, hepatitis, such as: viral hepatitis, subacute liver necrosis, chronic active hepatitis.

3, comprehensive treatment of cancer: can alleviate some adverse reactions caused by radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc.

Coenzyme q10 has a variety of uses and has been an indispensable supplement in daily life. Nowadays, many countries have taken the level of coenzyme Q10 in the human body as one of the important indicators to measure the health of the body.

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