What id Durian Powder

- Feb 12, 2020-

Durian Powder is a durian fruit that has been freeze dried, then ground into a powder. We only use organic, all-natural, hand-selected durian fruits from farms in Thailand and Malaysia to make durian fruit powder.  Organic freeze-dried durian powder almost completely retains the nutrition and color of durian, and durian flesh fibers can be seen in pure durian powder. 

FD Durian powder

Health Benefits of Durian Powder

1.Strong taste and smell 

2.Full of nutritional ingredients Protein, Fiber, Vitamins, Minerals, etc

3. Easy mixing with a wide range of foods and has a very high-quality standard.

4. Durian Powder is easily soluble.

5 Easily mixed with another ingredient as a liquid or solid form.

6. Does not need a special tool for cleaning the container or utensil after using

7. It can keep in cool and dry temperatures. It does not need a refrigerator.

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