What Is Organic Almond Powder?

- Aug 15, 2017-

Almond powder made from the fresh apricot kernel through a concentration and atomization (spray dried) process. Almond powder is water extract, so it has good water-soluble. It is very suitable for making a drink. Apricot kernel powder is rich in nutrition and good for all kinds of people.

Organic Almond Powder

[Product Name]: Almond Powder

[Latin Name]: Amygdalus Communis Vas

[Extract Part]: Seed

[Specification]: 30:1

[Appearance]: White Fine Powder

Almond Powder_杏仁_副本.jpg

Health Benefits of Almond Powder

1. Moistening Lung        2. Lose Weight         3. To Lower Cholesterol

4. Promotes the Skin Blood Circulation

Almond Powder Application: It can be used for functional food and solid drink.

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