What is Black Fungus Extract Good For?

- Apr 03, 2020-

Medical studies have shown: a black fungus with Qi for Health, Kidney stomach, blood circulation, and other functions, it can anti-coagulation, anti-thrombosis, reducing blood fat, lower blood viscosity, softening blood vessels, so blood flow smooth and reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular disease effect. The black fungus also strong adsorption, regular consumption is conducive to the body of waste generated in a timely manner excreted. Black fungus on gallstones, kidney stones and has good resolving capabilities, as it contains alkaloids with the promotion of the digestive tract, urinary tract and the characteristics of a variety of glandular secretion, secretion of these alkaloids synergistic catalytic stones, intestinal lubrication, so excreted.

The main functions of black fungus extract:

1.Anticoagulant activity

2.Treatment for hemoptysis, angina, diarrhea.

3.Cure hemorrhoids

4. To reduce blood sugar






9.Enhance immunity


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