what is blueberry powder good for

- Dec 13, 2018-

Blueberry powder is a natural fruit powder. It can be sourced from cultivated blueberries or the smaller wild blueberries. It is said that blueberry has many benefits of health because it has many active ingredients, especially contains rich anthocyanins. Besides, other fruits and vegetables also rich in anthocyanins include blackberries, cherries, raspberries, grapes, red onion, and red radishes. 

freeze dried blueberry powder

what is blueberry nutrition of blueberry?

1. First benefits are anthocyanins. The content of anthocyanins in blueberries is very high, and the kinds of anthocyanins are also very abundant. And anthocyanins are a very important plant water-soluble pigment, which is a natural anti-aging nutritional supplement. So far, it is the most effective antioxidant bioactive agent.

2. Its total acid and organic acid

The organic acid content is more than half of the total acid content in blueberries. And most of the organic acids are tannic acid, others include ursolic acid, quinic acid, and malic acid.

3. Phenolic acid

Blueberry contains a variety of polyphenols, and phenolic acid is one of them. Phenolic acids are one kind of phenolic substances, which have good nutritional functions and pharmacological activities such as antioxidants. There are more than ten kinds of phenolic acids in blueberries. The highest content is chlorogenic acid, also known as caffeic acid, which is very powerful in antioxidants.

4. Besides, it also contains Pectin, SOD, Pterostilbene and so on.

blueberry powder

What is blueberry powder good for?

1. It can protect eyesight

2. Prevention and treatment of constipation

3. Enhance immunity

4. Improve brain power

5. Good for heart health

6. Lower blood sugar

Blueberry powder is more easy for drinks and application in other fields. It has dietary value, so it can be used in food supplement, health care products.

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