What is chicory root extract inulin powder?

- Oct 23, 2018-

Inulin is widely distributed in nature, and some fungi and bacteria also contain inulin, but the main source plants. Plants that people eat daily, such as onions, garlic, bananas, and wheat, contain inulin. However, inulin is mainly found in the genus Compositae in nature, such as Jerusalem artichoke, chicory and so on.

Inulin is another form of energy storage for plants other than starch. It is an ideal functional food ingredient and a good raw material for the production of oligofructose, polyfructose, high fructose syrup, crystalline fructose, and other products.

Inulin is highly hygroscopic and has the ability to combine free water to reduce water activity. This can be fully utilized in food processing to delay the evaporation of water, prevent product odor, and extend the shelf life of food.


Name: Chicory root extract

Active Ingredients: Inulin

Specification: 90%

Appearance: White powder

Inulin has been used in food and health care products due to the following functions:

1. Control blood lipids, lower blood sugar

2. Promote the absorption of minerals

3. Regulate intestinal microflora, improve intestinal health and prevent constipation

4. Inhibit the formation of toxic fermentation products, protect the liver, prevent colon cancer

5. Prevention of constipation and treatment of obesity

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