What is Diosmin

- Sep 24, 2019-

Diosmin is a semisynthetic drug (modified hesperidin), a member of the flavonoid family. It is an oral pleiotropic drug used in the treatment of venous disease. Diosmin is currently a prescription medication in some European countries and is sold as a nutritional supplement in the United States and the rest of Europe. Citrus fruits, especially lemons, are rich sources of diosmin, according to "Food Chemistry." Lemons produce a number of useful flavonoids, including diosmin, in both the mature fruit and the leaves.


Health Benefits of Diosmin 

1. Resistant to inflammation and hypersusceptibility.

2. Resistant to the bacterium, include epiphyte and bacteria, etc.

3. To be compared with another flavone plant, orange flavone has its own unique physiologic functions.

4. Resistant to oxidation activity includes to clear away single turn oxygen, peroxide, hydroxide radical and other free radical.

5. Prevent the circulatory system to be harmed by ill, make the capillary vessel more flexible, resist platelet aggregation and regulate cardiovascularly.

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