What Is Epimedium Extract Used For?

- May 06, 2019-

Epimedium Extract

       is an extract from dried epimedium leaf. Epimedium Extract's active ingredient is icariin which uaually is made as raw materials of aphrodisiac health products. Epimedium’s another name is  horny goat weed.

Epimedium Extract BenefitsEpimedium Extract

1. Aphrodisiac

2. Anti-Aging

3. Anti-cancer

4. Body-building

5. Women’s sex health

6. Treat high blood pressure

7. Relieves Menopausal Symptoms in Women

More people think that epimedium extract only can help a man on his erection. In fact, women also can benefit from it. While we also have women's sex health extract-Kacip Fatimah Extract.

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