What is Ginger Powder

- Nov 30, 2019-

Ginger Powder has been used throughout history as an aid for many gastrointestinal disturbances as well as to relieve inflamed joints. In addition to its other uses, the Chinese still use ginger as a tasty marinade to detoxify meats. The most active chemical compounds in ginger are known as gingerols, which are also the most aromatic compounds in this root. 


Freeze Dried Ginger Powder

Water Soluble Ginger Powder

Ginger also contains shogaols, which are formed during the drying process. Ginger Extract Powder is widely used as an important spice as well as a digestive aid for mild stomach upset, it can also be used to help prevent or treat nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness, pregnancy. In addition, it can be used to help treat arthritis, colic, diarrhea and heart disease.

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