what is glutathione powder

- Oct 16, 2018-

Glutathione (GSH)is widely found in animals and plants, such as fruit, vegetables, and meats, which plays an important role in living organisms.it is a substance produced naturally by the liver. there are many forms for glutathione, one is glutathione powder.


It is no side effects will be suffered from consumption of glutathione powder. Glutathione not only can eliminate free radicals in the human body but also enhances human immunity.

Besides, the important function is glutathione can maintain health and anti-aging. It can be a food additive used in food fields, such as baking, Yogurt, baby food, and meat.



Glutathione also has below function:

(1) Detoxification

(2) Radiation disease and radiation protection

(3) Protecting the liver

(4) Anti-allergy 

(5) Improve the course and symptoms of certain diseases

(6) Beauty and skincare

(7) increase vision and eye diseases

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