What is Guarana Seed Extract Good For?

- Jun 12, 2017-

Guarana also called Brazilian cocoa which mainly grow in the Americas. The raw materials of Guarana extract is mainly from Brazil.

Guarana Extract

Product Name: Guarana ExtractGuarana extract

Used Part: Seed

Material Place: Brazil

Appearance: Brown Fine Powder

Specification: 10% 20%

Test Method: HPLC

Chemical formula:C28H58O

CAS Number: 60-18-4

The Benefits of Guarana Extract


Guarana extract Powder has shown prompt results in terms of positive effects in cognition. The high  content promotes mental alertness and reduces fatigue. The proponents of guarana seed extract are of the opinion that  is released slowly, thus providing stimulative effects for a longer period.


Guarana extract Powder is used for combating digestive problems, particularly irregular bowel movement. The tannin present in this extract help in proper digestion of food and treatment of diarrhea. However, do not use guarana extract frequently for reducing digestive problems, as it may become habitual in the long run.

guarana seed extract

3.Weight Loss:

Guarana seed extract reduces appetite and cravings for food, while stimulating the body metabolic processes. Hence, it helps in burning the accumulated fats and lipids, as an energy source for the body cells and tissues.

4.Pain Relief:

Traditionally, Natural Guarana Extract Powder has been used as a treatment for migraine headache, rheumatism and menstrual pain.

Application of Guarana Seed Extract 

Guarana is a native South American plant that serves as the region's primary source of  in products 

ranging from candy to weight loss supplements.Organic Guarana seed extract can be added to a variety of products, including energy beverages, diet aides, cereal bars and sodas. Guarana seed extract is available in many forms, including teas, tablets, powders and drops. In Brazil, it is most commonly used as a flavoring agent in place of kola nut in sodas and soft drinks

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