What Is Organic Dried Cranberry Fruit Juice Powder?

- Aug 02, 2017-

Cranberry Powder is a great tasting, sugar free powder produced mature cranberries. Dried cranberry powder is 100% natural without any additive and preservative.  Organic cranberry powder is easy to mix into water or juices and contains more vitamin c. 

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Organic Cranberry Juice Powder

[Product Name]: Cranberry Powder

[Specification]: 100%

[Materials]: 100% Natural Organic Cranberry Juice and plup.

[Water Soluble]: 100% Water Soluble

[Type]: Spray Dried 

cranberry juice powder

Cranberry Powder Application

Pharmaceutical health care products , health supplements , infant food , solidbeverage , dairy products , instant food , snack food , spice , middle-aged and old food baking food, snack food, cold food, cold drinks, etc . 

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