What Is Organic Dried Cranberry Juice Powder Good For?

- Jun 19, 2017-

What is Cranberry Powder?

Organic cranberry powder is extract from fresh imported cranberry juice and pulp.  All the material is no pesticide residues, no heavy metal and organic fresh fruit. Dried cranberry powder is 100% natural no any additive and preservative. It is widely used in beverage and food for many country.

cranberry powder

The Health Benifits of Cranberry Powder

1. Treat urinary tract infections. Cranberry powder can inhibits bacteria from attaching to the bladder and urethra.

2. Anti-aging. Natural  cranberry powder is rich in vitamin C and flavonoids which can beautify skin and expel the vivotoxin from body.

3.Protect against the cancer.

4. Keep oral hygiene. Cranberry extract powder can reduce bacterial count in salive to keep oral hygiene.

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