What Is Organic Lemon Juice Powder?

- Aug 14, 2017-

Lemon Powder made from fresh lemon juice through a concentration and atomization (spray dried) process.It gives you the ability to add a punch of lemon flavor to any recipe you are creating. Lemon 

Powder keep  large of vitamin C and flavonoids of lemon fruit that have a powerful antioxidant function. And Lemon juice powder is easy to store and easy to add into any recipe. 

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Organic Lemon Juice Powder

[Product Name]: Lemon Powder

[Latin Name]: Citruslimon

[Used Part]: Lemon Fruit

[Specification]: 100%

[Appearance]: White Fine Powder

lemon powder

Health Benefits Of Lemon Powder

1. Relivering Summer-heat and stimulate appetite

2. Prevent cardiovascular disease

3. Anti-Bacterial and diminish inflammation

4. Anti-emetic

Lemon Powder Application: Used for functional food and solid drink.

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