What Is Organic Dried Wild Black Cherry Fruit Juice Powder?

- Jul 31, 2017-

Cherry Powder is made from 100% natural organic cherry fruit. Organic cherry powder is free from any additives or added sugar. It is can be added as flavour and colour to dish. This cherry powder is made of just

cherries. It has no added flavourings, no added colours, no added sugar, no preservatives, which means its beautiful vibrant red colour and cherry flavour is completely natural.

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Organic Black Cherry Powder

[Product Name]: Cherry Juice Powder

[Materials]: Natural Organic Cherry Juice and Plup.

[Type]: Spray Drying

[Solubility]: 100% Water Soluble

[Applying]: Food and Beverage.

dried cherry powder

Health Benifits of Cherry Powder

1. Can prevent iron deficiency anemia        2. Relieve muscle soreness

3.Beauty for Skin         4.Prevent vision loss       5.Anti-cancer

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