What is pea protein?

- Oct 23, 2018-

What is pea protein?

Pea protein powder is a protein extracted from peas by an advanced process. The pea protein contains all the essential amino acids in the human body and belongs to the full-price protein. Peas belong to legumes, and peas are rich in various nutrients needed by the body, especially high-quality protein. And legumes do not contain cholesterol, which is superior to animal protein. Protein is the material basis of life and is the three major components of the human body. Protein deficiency can lead to growth retardation, low immunity, sagging skin and premature aging.


Name: Pea extract

Active Ingredients: Pea protein

Specification: 72%, 80%

Appearance: Light yellow powder

Pea protein food grade can be used in biscuit,milk powder,candy,snacks,soft drinking,sports drinking,fermentation.


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