What is Phellinus Igniarius Extract ?

- Apr 17, 2020-

Sang Huang, scientific name for Phellinus baumannii, also known as Phellinus igniarius, Mulberry, Mulberry, Mulberry, etc. Parasitic primitive forest mulberry belongs to Basidiomycotina. Mulberry mulberry refers to Phellinus igniarius parasitic on mulberry. Perennial, woody, ear-shaped or horseshoe-shaped. The bright yellow color is a major feature. Since the term "mulberry" originated in China, foreign scholars believe that only the mulberry tree is genuine mulberry. Wild mulberry is the best medicinal fungus developed in recent years to improve immunity.


Health benifit of Phellinus Igniarius Extract

(1) Phellinus igniarius extract has effect on anti-cancer, avert cancer again.

(2) Phellinus igniarius extract can restrain increase and transfer of cancer cell.

(3) Phellinus igniarius extract can prevent and improve the infect of depress immunity.

(4) Phellinus igniarius extract can relax pain, inappetence, lost weight and tiredness of cancer, improve QOL.

(5) Phellinus igniarius extract used as anti-cancer medicine can buildup effect of anti-cancer, and lighten side effect of anti-cancer medicine.

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