what is pine pollen powder good for

- Nov 05, 2018-

Pine pollen contains a variety of nutrients, including 22 amino acids, 14 vitamins and more than 30 trace elements as well as a large number of active proteases, nucleus, flavonoids and other active substances. The protein of pine pollen is mostly in the form of free amino acids, which is 5-7 times higher than that of milk and eggs. The content of vitamin C is higher than that of fresh fruits and vegetables, and it is called the king of natural vitamins.

Taking pine pollen powder will reduce fatigue and strengthen physical strength in a short period of time; constipation disappears, digestion changes well; skin is delicate, ruddy complexion; sleep is steady, mood is pleasant; energetic, memory improves. Especially good for women.

pine pollen

Whats the benefits:

1. It can skin care and beauty

2. It has a good therapeutic effect on skin diseases

3. It can Anti-Aging

4. Anti-fatigue

5. Control weight and lose weight

6. Maintenance cardiovascular and cerebrovascular maintenance

7. Treatment of gynecological diseases

There is Broken pine pollen powder is more easily absorbed by the body.

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