What is Rutin?

- Sep 11, 2019-

Rutin is widely found in the plant kingdom, such as in musk and bitter Raising wheat, eucalyptus buds, eucalyptus leaves, tomato stems, red beans, etc. The latest research shows that rutin has anti-radiation and anti-ultraviolet effects, which can be used in daily cosmetics.

Health Benefits of rutin

1. Rutin has an anti-inflammatory effect;

2, rutin has the same effect as vitamin P, antiviral effect;

3, rutin also has the effect of inhibiting aldose reductase.


Application of rutin

1. In recent years, with the development of food additives and health nutrition products, eucalyptus series of products such as rutin drug toothpaste and rutin daqu have been available.

2, rutin has bright yellow as a food and beverage coloring agent.

3, the latest research shows that rutin has anti-radiation, the anti-ultraviolet effect can be used in daily cosmetics.

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