What is Tongkat Ali Extract

- Mar 19, 2017-

What is tongkat ali?

Tongkat ali has already been listed as a national protected plant in Malaysia which is called as Malaysia’s three treasure with Bird's nest and tin products. The clinical trials of Malaysia University have prove that Tongkat Ali has many functions. 


Tongkat Ali extract effect

1.Enhance kidney function

2. Improve the body immunity

3. Anti-cancer

4. Treat the prostatitis

5. Bring down a fever

6. Against the malaria

TONGKAT ALI EXTRACTTongkat ali benefits for female

1. In Malaysia, Tongkat Ali is also called as Malaysian ginseng. It usually used as postpartum tonic, which can speed up the recovery of postpartum body and anti-aging

2. Tongkat Ali can regulate endocrine to make body strong and improve kidney function.

Female Tongkat Ali Extract

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