What is whey protein

- Oct 19, 2018-

Now , more and more people looking for protein powder. About protein powder, there are pea protein powder ,soy protein isolate powder and whey protein powder. But the most popular is whey protein powder. Why?

Everybody knows, whey protein is called the king of protein. It is extract from milk. Which is contain a variety of active ingredients and easy to digest and absorb. It is the best protein supplement for humman beings.

whey protein

There are 3 specification whey protein powder: 30% protein, 80% protein , and 90% protein.

80% protein is very popular and hot sale bescaus the price is competitive. 90% whey protein is extract based on 80% protein, so the cost is highly. But it is more easier to absorb.

Whey protein is widely used in food field. It can be added to ice cream,baking food, and dairy products and meats.

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