Who is Suitable for Taking Ginsenoside Powder

- Mar 22, 2019-

1. Patients who have just been diagnosed with cancer but are still difficult to determine a specific treatment regimen can take ginsenosides. It can control the development of the disease and prevent tumor metastasis and spread.

2. The patient can take it before the operation, which can reduce the tumor, reduce the scope of surgery, and improve the success rate of the operation.

3. Patients after surgery can take ginsenosides. It can eliminate residual cancer cells and prevent cancer cells from recurring and metastasizing. At the same time, it can speed up the healing of the knife edge, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, prevent infection and prevent complications.

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4. Patients taking chemoradiotherapy can take ginsenosides. It can eliminate toxic side effects, enhance drug sensitivity and improve efficacy.

5. Patients with acute, severe, or advanced cancer can take ginsenosides. Their physical condition is weak. Taking ginsenoside RH2 can rapidly improve their immune function, enhance their ability to fight cancer, improve their quality of life and extend their life span.

6. Patients in the cancer rehabilitation period can take ginsenosides regularly. It can effectively eliminate residual tumor cells and tiny lesions in the body, enhance physical fitness, consolidate curative effect, prevent recurrence and metastasis.


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