whole fruit papaya powder

- Dec 21, 2018-

Today, we will introduce a fruit powder papaya. Before we know the powder, let's learn about the fruit first. Papaya Powder is rich in more than 17 kinds of amino acids, calcium, iron, etc? Besides, it also contains papain. Half a medium-sized papaya is sufficient for the vitamin C needed by adults throughout the day. Papaya is known in China as the "longevity fruit". It shows that eating more can prolong life.

papapya powder

How many benefits from papaya?

1. Strengthen the spleen and promote digestion: Papain in papaya can decompose fat into fatty acids; modern medicine has found that papaya contains an enzyme that can digest protein, which is beneficial to the human body to digest and absorb food, so it has the benefits of spleen and digestion.

3. Anti-epidemic insecticide: Papaya and papain have anti-tuberculosis and parasites such as aphids,

 aphids, whipworms, amoeba, etc., so they can be used for insecticide and mites.

4. Anti-cancer through breast cancer: chymosin in papaya has a milk-passing effect, papaya has 

anti-lymphocytic leukemia, it can be used for breast milk and treatment of lymphocytic leukemia 

(blood cancer)

5. Supplementing nutrition and improving disease resistance: Papaya contains a lot of water, 

carbohydrates, protein, fat, multivitamins and a variety of essential amino acids, which can effectively supplement the body's nutrients and enhance the body's disease resistance.

papaya powder

Papaya powder can be used in many fields. The main application is for food field, it can be as additives to beverage, cakes, and snacks.

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