Wholesale Natural Organic Pure Honey Powder

- Aug 01, 2017-

Honey powder, also known as dry honey powder, which use high-quality honey to make solid powder through filtration, microencapsulation technology, deployment, concentration, crystallization, and drying.

Liquid honey contains more water and hard to store and transport, while honey powder solves this problem.

So honey powder is widely used food, beverage, and another field.

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Organic Dried Pure Honey Powder

[Product Name]: Honey Powder

[Specification]: 100% Natural Organic 

[Materials]: 100% Natural Organic Honey Juice 

[Type]: Spray Drying

Honey Powder Application

1. Use in baking food as a flavoring agent.

2. Use in milk products and ice cream as a natural nutritional additive

3. Use in other nutrition food and health care products

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