why is passion fruit good for you

- Nov 02, 2018-

What is passion fruit? Why is passion fruit good for you?

1. Passion fruit belongs to the tropical, subtropical perennial plant, native to southern Brazil. Passion fruit has wide adaptability, which is easy to grow, and can resistant to cold and heat, more important it has few pests and diseases.


2. About the fruit, the scientific name Passionflower, also known as egg fruit, passion fruit, broccoli. it is rich nutrition, fragrant smell, also with the scent of guava, mango, banana and other fruits. So , it is very popular for every one.


3. About its benefits, the first is benefits for skin, such as beauty. Besides, it has More than 160 kinds of essential amino acids, such as 17 kinds of amino acids, multivitamins and trace elements, suitable for the production of fruit juice, jelly, fruit lot, jam and other products. It has other functions of eliminating fatigue, refreshing, reducing blood pressure, reducing inflammation, removing spots and skin.

With the more information, do you want a try the fruit. There also has passion fruit powder, is will more easy to storage and use.


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