30KG Avocado Fruit Powder Has Been Shipped

- Jun 03, 2020-

Avocado powder is an evergreen tree that is a famous tropical fruit and one of the woody vegetable oils.


Its nutritional value is very high, it contains a variety of vitamins, is rich in trace elements and proteins, and has high content of sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and so on. The nut oil content is 8%~29%. It is a non-drying refining oil. It is non-irritating and has a low acidity. It can be emulsified and can be stored for a long time. In addition to eating, it is also one of advanced skin care products and spa materials. Has high nutritional value and health care function.

Avocado is almost a perfect and easily digestible food, it can help solve the problems of stomach, constipation or urinary tract infection, and also has a curative effect on liver and gallbladder.

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