50kgs Grapefruit Powder Has Been Shipped

- Jun 24, 2020-

Grapefruit powder is rich in nutrients and is a combination of disease prevention and health care and beauty.

Grapefruit contains precious natural vitamin P and rich vitamin C and soluble fiber. Vitamin P can enhance skin and pore function, which is good for skin care and beauty. Vitamin C can be involved in human collagen synthesis, promoting the production of antibodies to enhance the detoxification of the body.

Grapefruit also contains natural folic acid, which prevents women and pregnant women who take the pill from anemia and birth defects.


Main function:

1. Grapefruit is very rich in protein, essential elements of organic acids, vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, etc. It is difficult to compare with other fruits are on acne skin has a very good improvement;

2. Grapefruit meat and skin also contains appreciable amounts of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, flavonoids naringenin contained in the anti-inflammatory effect obviously, specific conditioning effect on inflammatory acne;

3. Grapefruit contains vitamin B that can strengthen the skin pores function, accelerate the recovery of injured skin tissue, and grapefruit contain low calories, it function, extremely consistent with the principles of the "natural beauty" of women, women the most suitable choice of the fall of fruit.

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