600kg Black Carrot Powder Has Been Shipped

- Jul 01, 2020-

Black carrot powder is a source of natural food coloring that originates from Turkey and other regions of the Middle East and Asia. The nutrients in Black Carrot Pigment that give them their color are anthocyanins which have several health benefits, such as the potential for treating neurological dysfunctions like Alzheimer’s disease. They can also be beneficial when treating cancer.

The peach to strawberry red color that Black Carrot Pigment produces can provide a natural alternative to synthetic food colorings such as FD&C Red 40. 


Main Function:

It can be used in antioxidants (preventing the skin from dry, rough);

It can be used in promoting growth and preventing congenital deficiency;

It can be used in promoting the healthy growth of bones and teeth;

It can be used in maintaining reproductive function;

It can be used in preventing and restraining lung cancer;

It can be used in coloring agents, Nutrition Enhancer.

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