American Customer's 1000kg Spirulina Powder Has Been Shipped

- May 16, 2019-

Spirulina powder is made from fresh spirulina by spray drying. The pure spirulina is dark and green, and it feels slippery when touched. 

The spirulina powder is generally used in health foods. It has a protein content of more than 65%. Spirulina can be divided into feed grade, food grade and special use depending on the application. Feed grade spirulina powder is generally used in aquaculture and livestock farming. Food grade spirulina powder is used in health foods and added to other foods for human consumption.

Spirulina Powder/tablets

Where Can You Buy Spirulina Powder?

Xi'an Saiyang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is the professional Manufacturer of Herbal Extract and chemical products Since 2003. And attend the CPHI, Vitafoods and API Exhibition from 2003. Spirulina powder is one of our strong products. If you need this product, please contact us or send an inquiry to us at any time.

organic spirulina powder

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