Anti-aging Bulk Pure Astaxanthin Oil

Anti-aging Bulk Pure Astaxanthin Oil

1.Product Name:bulk astaxanthin oil 2.Appearance:red brown powder 3.Specification:10% 4.Function:anti -aging 5.Purity:100% 6.Source:100% Natural Raw Material

Product Details

           Anti-aging bulk astaxanthin oil best quality pure astaxanthin oil

pure astaxanthin oil

[Product Name]:

Anti-aging bulk astaxanthin oil best quality pure astaxanthin oil

[Active ingredient]:

astaxanthin oil

[CAS NO.]: 



food, health care product, beauty skin


1kg/bag,  25kg/drum


Red -Brown powder

pure astaxanthin oil


Astaxanthin is a natural antioxidant. As a natural pigment, which can be soluble in water and lipid. Natural astaxanthin is comes from Haematococcus pluvialis, usually used in health product market.

What is the function of astaxanthin?

1. Anti -aging: Astaxanthin as one of the most effective natural antioxidants, it can reduces free radicals in the body and improve the bodys anti-aging ability.

2. Protect the eyes and skin: Astaxanthin has a stronger antioxidant activity and UV-light protection effect, both of which point to it being an excellent supplement for eye health maintenance

3. Prevention of cardiovascular disease: Astaxanthin can reduce the oxidation of apolipoprotein, so it can be used to prevent arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease and ischemic brain damage.

4. Relieve fatigue and enhance body metabolism: Astaxanthin can act as an antioxidant to inhibit the oxidative damage of free radicals to the body.  


With the function of astaxanthin, it is very widely used in health product market.


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