Natural Chlorogenic Acid Powder

Natural Chlorogenic Acid Powder

1.product name:green coffee bean extract 2.Active Ingredient:chlorogenic acid powder 3.Application:health medicine, healthy food in a cool and dry places 5.MOQ:1 Kg 6.Free sample:provide 15-20g free sample

Product Details

[Product Name]:

Chlorogenic Acid Powder


10% -50%


Light Yellow Powder

[Active Ingredient]: 

Chlorogenic Acid


Keep cool and dry, avoid strong light and avoid high temperature

[Shelf life]:

24 months


1kg/bag,  25kg/drum

[Raw material]:

Green Coffee Bean

[Free sample]:


[Test Method]:




1. It can Significant antihypertensive effect, and non-toxic side effects and smooth;

2. It can Remarkable prevention and treatment of nasopharyngeal carcinoma effect, has the remarkable tumor therapy efficacy, and have low toxicity and safe characteristic; 

3. It can Protect kidney and enhance the immune function;

4. It can Resist oxidation, aging, and resist bone-aging;

5. It can Antibacterial, antiviral, diuresis, cholagogue, reducing blood fat, and prevent miscarriage; Green coffee bean Extract Health food: can make the health food sweet and delicious, clearing heat and detoxicating, moisten the skin and improve looks, relieve too much alcohol and tobacco, etc.

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