Cordyceps Militaris Extract Cordyceps Sinensis Extracts

Cordyceps Militaris Extract Cordyceps Sinensis Extracts

1.Name:cordyceps sinensis extracts
2.Appearance:brown powder
3.Specification:10:1,20:1,30%-50% polysaccharide
4.Active Ingredient:polysaccharide
5.Application:Health-care Products, tablets, capsule

Product Details

 Cordyceps sinensis extracts 

 Cordyceps sinensis extracts main active ingredients are cordycepin, cordycepic acid, and polysaccharides of Cordyceps sinensis that are beneficial to human body absorption and have functions of regulating the immune system. , anti-tumor, anti-fatigue and other effects.
Product Details
Product name:
Cordyceps sinensis extracts
  10:1,20:1,30%-50% polysaccharide, 1%-5% cordycepin
yellow brown powder
Free sample:
Placed in a cool , dry , avoid light , avoid high temperature place .
Product Shows
1. Applied in food field as beverage
2. Applied in health care product field
3.Applied in pharmaceutical field.

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