Hericium Erinaceus Extract Polysaccharides Powder

Hericium Erinaceus Extract Polysaccharides Powder

1. Name: Agaricus blazei extract 2. Specification: 50% Polysaccharides 3. Test Method: UV 4. Appearance: Brown powder 5. MOQ: 1KG 6. Sample:10~20g

Product Details

Hericum Erinaceus is a kind of large size fungus, whose surface is full of acicular growths that look almost like hair. They get this name because their appearance is similar to a monkey's head. The mushroom contains plenty of protein and polysaccharides, as well seven kinds of essential amino acids for the human body. The content of glutamic acid is pretty high and it is a very famous and delicious edible fungus. It is believed they can improve immunity levels, lower cholesterol, cure gastric ulcers, and have anti-cancer effects. In Chinese tradition, the "king of mushrooms" along with swallow's nest, bear's paw, and sea cucumber are considered four famous tonic dishes.

Product Name:

Hericium erinaceus extract

Active Ingredients:



Brown powder







Used Part:

Whole Herb


Food Grade


Hericium Erinaceus Extract has been used in health care product and pharmaceutic field due to the following functions:
1. Hericium erinaceus can nourish organs and can cure chronic gastritis, duodenum ulcer, and other enteron diseases.
2. It also can improve people's immune system.
3. It contains unsaturated fatty acids which are propitious to the circulation of blood and can reduce blood cholesterin content, so Hericium erinaceus is also the ideal food for those who are high blood pressure or with heart or blood vessel disease.

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