Feed Grade Astaxanthin In Bulk Wholesale Astaxanthin

Feed Grade Astaxanthin In Bulk Wholesale Astaxanthin

1.Product Name:astaxanthin
2.Appearance:red brown powder
4.Active Ingredient:astaxanthin
5.CAS No:472-61-7

Product Details

Astaxanthin is a natural antioxidant. As a natural pigment, which can be soluble in water and lipid. Natural astaxanthin comes from Haematococcus pluvialis, usually used in the health product market.

Product name:

 astaxanthin powder feed grade







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(1) As a pigment, it increases nutrition and commodity value. Astaxanthin added to the feed accumulates in fish and crustaceans, making the adult red, bright and nutritious, and its price is many times higher than that of ordinary adults.

(2) Improve the ability of the complex.
(3) Improve health. Astaxanthin has stronger antioxidant capacity than beta carotenoids, which can promote the production of antibodies and enhance the immune function of animals.
(4) Change the color of skin and hair


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