Dong Quai Powder Angelica Root Extract

Dong Quai Powder Angelica Root Extract

1.Product name:angelica root extract 2.Source:Chinese herbs 3.Grade:Medical Grade 4.Chinese name:Dang Gui 5.Latin name:angelica sinensis 6.Main function:blood circulation 7.Application:health care products

Product Details

Angelica not only has the nourishing effect, but also can moisten the intestines, thereby promoting defecation, detoxification, and more for constipation caused by blood deficiency and intestinal dryness. It has certain therapeutic effects on postpartum constipation, senile constipation, and habitual constipation

Product name:

dong quai extract powder angelica root extract


100% pure powder, 10:1, 20:1


brown powder



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Main function:

With the blood Huoxue, Tiaojing pain

Angelica is sweet and heavy, can specialize in blood, suitable for a variety of blood deficiency symptoms, such as pale complexion, pale lips, palpitations, numbness of the limbs, dizziness, cold hands and feet, etc


 1. dong quai extract powder applied in health care products

 2. making traditional medicine to cure some disease



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