Indica Tamarind Seed Extract Powder

Indica Tamarind Seed Extract Powder

1. Product Name:Tamarind Seed Extract
2. Specification: 10:1 20:1 30:1
3. Free Sample

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Product Description


Basic Information

Product Name

Tamarind Seed Extract

Active Ingredients


Extract Part



10:1 20:1 30:1 


Brown Powder

Test Method




Physical Characteristics



 Ash Content




Microbiological Assay

Total Plate Count


Total Yeast & Mold








1kg/bag  25kg/Drum


Below 300kg By Air, Above 300kg By Sea


Placed in a cool and dry place, avoid light  and high-temperature 

Shelf Life



10-20g free sample

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1. The seeds are also edible and valuable for human consumption and are commonly sold in local markets in many countries. They are peeled and roasted or boiled. Leaves, flowers, and fruits provide good animal fodder, but can also be used for various foods A red dye can be obtained from the leaves and a yellow dye from the flowers. Over-ripe fruits are used to clean and brighten silver, copper, and brass, and Indian silversmiths polish their goods with a strong infusion of roots mixed with sea salt. 

2. The fruits are widely used as a remedy against fever, intestinal diseases, and diarrhea. The pulp is used against malaria and on wounds and hemorrhoids. 
3. Powdered seeds are used against dysentery. Pulverized bark ashes are used for colic and digestive disorders. It cures dysentery and boils on human skin. The fruit pulp is used as a laxative, the bark is used to cure sore throats, the leaves are used for stomach problems, and the roots are used to treat heart pains. Crushed leaves are put on wounds and abscesses. Juice from crushed leaves is taken with porridge to stop vomiting.

4. The pulp is used for making sauces, curries, and beverages. Due to its denseness and durability, tamarind heartwood can be used in making furniture and wood flooring. A preparation from the seed is useful for sizing cotton, woolens and jute fabrics and dying silk. The seed oil serves as a varnish for toys, dolls, idols, etc. 

5. Tamarind leaves and flowers, dried or boiled, are used as poultices for swollen joints, sprains and boils. Lotions and extracts made from them are used in treating conjunctivitis, as antiseptics, as vermifuges, treatments for dysentery, jaundice, erysipelas and hemorrhoids and various other ailments.

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