Hiraute Shiny Bugleweed Herb Herba Lycopi Powder

Hiraute Shiny Bugleweed Herb Herba Lycopi Powder

1. Product Name: Herba lycopi powder 2. Other Name: Hiraute Shiny Bugleweed Herb powder, Zelan powder 3. Specification: 100% 4. Appearance: Greenish brown powder 5. MOQ: 1kg

Product Details

Chinese herb medicine dried angelica root powder

pure angelica powder

medicine powder


Product NameHerba lycopi powderSpecification100%
Other NameHiraute Shiny Bugleweed Herb powder, Zelan powderTest Method TLC
Appearance Greenish brown powderPart Used Stem
Grade Food & pharmaceticMOQ 1kg
ApplicationZelan is a kind of traditional Chinese herb medicine. Due to its benefits for human body. It is mainly used in Medicine and health products, beverages and food additives.


1. Sedative and analgesic effects.
2. Expectorant, antitussive effects.
3. Promote physical, mental and brain protection, anti-aging effects.
4. The role of smooth muscle and myocardial.
5. Antimutagenic, anti-cancer effects.
6. Antibacterial.
7. Protective effects of germ cells.

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