Dihydromyricetin Vine Tea Extract/Pure Organic Vine Tea Extract Powder Buy Online

Dihydromyricetin Vine Tea Extract/Pure Organic Vine Tea Extract Powder Buy Online

Vine Tea Extract--Dihydromyricetin
1. 100% pure natural Extract
2. Active ingredients: Dihydromyricetin
3. Products Specification: 98%
4. Offer free samples
5. High quality,reasonable price,prompt delivery

Product Details

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Dihydromyricetin Vine Tea Extract/Pure Organic Vine Tea Extract Powder Buy Online


Vine Tea Extract Dihydromyricetin 98%

  • Part of Plant Used: Bark & Leaves 

  • Active Ingredients: Dihydromyricetin

  • Specifications: 98%

  • CAS: 27200-12-0

  • Molecular Formula: C15H12O8

  • Molecular Weight: 320

  • Appearance: White Powder

  • Testing Method: HPLC

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Product Introduction:

Dihydromyricetin (DMY) also known as ampelopsin, is a flavanonol, a type of flavonoid. Sunfull dihydromyricetin is purified from the leaves of Vine Tea (Teng Cha), which is one of a rare typical tea plant in China. The Botanical name of Vine tea is Ampolopsis grossedentata . "The vine tea contains rich flavones, amino acids, vitamins and essential trace element, in which the content of dihydromyricetin is especially high. Use Vine Tea in traditional Chinese herbal medicine has a good effect in clearing heat, disinhibiting dampness, protecting liver, promoting blood circulation.

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Dihydromyricetine Vine Tea Extract 

1. Clear the free radical and Anti-oxidantion

2. Antibiotic action and diminish inflammation

3. Reducing the levels of blood sugar and blood fat 

4. Anti-tumor

5. Anti-thrombus 

6. Protect liver, restrain the liver fibrosis

7. Dispel the effects of alcohol


Dihydromyricetine Vine Tea Extract 

1.Health food additive

2.Pharmaceutical stuff 

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