Bulk Epimedium Extract Icariin

Bulk Epimedium Extract Icariin

1.product name: Epimedium Extract
2.Active Ingredient: Icariin
4.Appearance: Brown to White Powder

Product Details

Epimedium extract is prepared from Epimedium grandiflorum, Epimedium extract, also known as horny goat weed extract has been used to treat male erectile dysfunction. Epimedium extract powder icariin can increase the production of sperm, stimulating the sensing nerves, and indirectly promote sexual desire. Epimedium extract is ideal for adding to sexual enhancement formulas. 

[Product Name]: 

Epimedium Extract




White powder

[Active Ingredient]: 


[Free sample]:




[Shelf life]:

24 months


Keep cool and dry, avoid strong light and avoid high temperature

 Epimedium Extract


1. Stimulate the nervous system, promoting sexual function.

2. The body of non-specific immune enhancer, so show excellent anti-fatigue effects, coenzyme Q10 cells to maintain a good health condition, so the body is full of vitality, energy, brain abundant

3. Tonifying kidney and boosting male virility, alleviating rheumatism, strengthening the muscles and bones.

4.  Lowering blood pressure and blood sugar.

5.Anti-cancer and enhancing immunity

6.Restraining staphylococcus and delaying aging


Icariin 50 60 90

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