Chinese Herb Medicine Oyster Powder

Chinese Herb Medicine Oyster Powder

1. Product Name: Oyster powder
2. Specification: 100%
3. MOQ: 1kg
4. Sample: 10~20g

Product Details

Oyster is the most abundant zinc in all foods (per 100g of oysters, excluding the weight of the shell, 87.1% water, 71.2mg zinc, rich in protein zinc, is a good zinc supplement food, you can eat oysters to supplement zinc Or protein zinc. It is an ocean oyster (ostreagigastnunb) and its related animals. It is a seashell. It is suitable for aquaculture in subtropical and tropical coastal areas. It is widely distributed in China. It is from the Yalu River in the north and Hainan in the south. The island can be produced on the coast. The scorpion is soft and shelly, and it is attached to parasitic animals. The salty and fresh water junction is especially fat.

Product Description

Product NameOyster PowderSpecification100%
Active IngredientsPure oyster powderTest Method TLC
Appearance Off-whitePart Used Shell
Grade Food & PharmaceuticMOQ 1kg
Function1. An oyster powder is used in traditional Chinese medicine to support normal heart function, normal blood pressure, and a restful night sleep;
2. Oyster powder supports normal body temperature at night, supports normal digestive tract function, and has a sedating and calming effect. Body meridians that benefit from the oyster shell are the liver and kidney;
3. Oyster powder long use can improve metabolism of human body, adjust the function of plant neural, and also can decrease blood serum cholesterin of human body, depress blood pressure, prevention and cure hepatitis, gastric ulcer, duodenum ulcer, high blood pressure;
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