Natural Black Cohosh Extract Powder

Natural Black Cohosh Extract Powder

1.Product Name: Black Cohosh Extract Powder 2.Specification: 10:1, 20:1 3.Test Method:TLC 4.Appearance: Brown powder 5.MOQ: 1kg 6.Sample: 10~20g

Product Details

Black cohosh is a kind of perennial wild flower native to northeast America.More than two centuries ago, native americans found it.The root helps relieve menstrual pain and symptoms including red tides, anxiety, mood swings, and sleep disturbances.Today, it is still used for these purposes.In fact, the herb has been widely used in Europe for more than 40 years, and in Germany, it has been approved for pre-menstrual discomfort, dysmenorrhea and menopausal syndrome.The main active ingredient is terpene glycoside.It can produce estrogen-like effect and regulate endocrine balance, which can help to relieve symptoms of insomnia, hot flashes, back pain and loss of mood.At least eight special test reports show that the use of "black cohosh" to improve the accompanying symptoms of menopausal women is both safe and effective.Therefore, in clinical practice, many doctors recommend to the menopausal women to take a high concentration of black jacking.


Product Name 

Black Cohosh Extract Powder


Herbal Extract


10:1, 20:1


 Brown Powder

Test Method


Particle Size

100% pass 80 mesh




1KG/Pack, 25kg/Drum

Shelf Life

2 Years


Available Free Sample(10G-20G)


Cool , Dry , Avoid Light  Avoid High Temperature

1. Owning estrogenic effect, thus improving symptoms of female climacteric syndrome and postpartum syndrom. 
2. Antibacteria and anticancer. Anti-rheumatism, alleviating muscle pain and spasm. 
3. Decreasing the cholesterol and blood pressure.

4. Delaying aging, especially the aging of skin and visceral organ.


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