100% Soluble In Water Panax Ginseng Extract

100% Soluble In Water Panax Ginseng Extract

1.Product Name:korean red ginseng extract 2.Appearance:yellow brown powder 3.Specification:80% ginsenoside 4.Active Ingredient:ginsenoside 5.Application:Pharmaceutical Raw Materials 6.Latin Name:Panax ginseng C.A .Mey

Product Details

[Product Name]:

Ginseng Extract


80% Ginsenoside


light yellow Powder

[Active Ingredient]:


[Shelf life]:

24 months

[Free sample]:



Keep cool and dry, avoid strong light and avoid high temperature 




1. Ginseng Extract can help to enhance physical strength and anti- aging 

2. Ginseng Extract can help to enhance the vitality of human cell surface and inhibit aging

3. Ginseng Extract has the function of anti-oxidation



Ginseng Extract powder can be used in the food field, pharmaceutical field, cosmetics field.

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