Best Price Papain Enzyme Bulk Papain Powder Papaya Extract Papain

Best Price Papain Enzyme Bulk Papain Powder Papaya Extract Papain

1.Product Name:Papaya extract papain
2.Appearance:White Powder
4.Active Ingredient:papain
5.Application:food addictive
6.CAS No:9001-73-4

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Product Details

 Papain is referred to as papain, also known as papaya enzyme. It is a pure natural biological enzyme product made from the milk of immature papaya (Carica papaya) with the modern bioengineering technology. It is a thiol-containing (-SH) endopeptidase with protease and esterase activity, has wide specificity, and has strong hydrolysis ability to animal and plant proteins, peptides, esters, and amides. , also has a synthetic function, can synthesize protein hydrolysate into proteinoid

[Product Name]:

Best price papain enzyme bulk papain powder papaya extract papain 

[Another name]:

Papain food grade

[CAS NO.]: 



food additive 

[Storage Condition:]:


[Shelf life]:

24 months


1kg/bag,  25kg/drum


White Powder 



[Dosage form]: 

Granule, tablet, capsule


 Application of papain in the food processing industry

1. Papain is widely used in meat tenderization and can also be used as a clarifying agent for beer.

 Application of bromelain in medicine and health care products

Drugs contain papain can fight cancer, tumors, lymphocytic leukemia, proteobacteria and parasites, tuberculosis, but also reduce inflammation, urgency, pain relief, and digestion. Besides, treatment of gynecological diseases, glaucoma, bone hyperplasia, gun wound healing, blood type identification, insect bites, etc.

 papaya extract papain

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