Chinese Fuling Powder Food Grade Poria Cocos Powder

Chinese Fuling Powder Food Grade Poria Cocos Powder

1.Product Name:poria cocos powder 2.Appearance:white Powder 3.Specification:pure powder 4.Application:drinks, food, medicine 5.Latin Name:Wolfiporia cocos

Product Details

 Fuling powder poria cocos powder 

[Product Name]: 

poria cocos powder 

[Other name]: 

fuling powder /poria cocos extract

[Product  Part]:



pure powder, 10:1,20:1

[Active Ingredient]:

 poria cocos


White Powder 

[Clinical Application]:

Food , Beverage, Medicine

[Dosage form]:

Granule, tablet, capsule


1.Calming the heart and tranquilizing the mind

2.Can cure unfavorable urination, swelling, phlegm, phlegm, vomiting, evil resistance, diarrhea, nocturnal emission, turbidity, convulsions, forgetfulness embolism

3.Containing tannic acid has the effect of enhancing immunity, anti-tumor, sedation, hypoglycemic;

4.Can relax gastrointestinal smooth muscle, inhibit gastric acid secretion, prevent liver cell necrosis, antibacterial and other effects


Pharmaceutical health care products , health supplements , infant food , solidbeverage , dairy products , instant food , snack food , spice , middleaged and old food ,baking food , snack food , cold food cold drinks , etc .




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