Chinese Herb Medicine Senna Leaf Powder

Chinese Herb Medicine Senna Leaf Powder

1.Product Name: senna leaf powder 2.Specification: 100% 3.Test Method: TLC 4.Appearance: Green powder 5.MOQ: 1kg 6.Sample: 10~20g

Product Details

Senna is a diarrhea growth in India, Pakistan, southern China shrubs. Senna because of their cathartic properties have traditionally been considered a "clean" herbs. More modern studies have shown that Senna in the treatment of constipation is very effective. Leaves and pods or fruit can be used for medicine.

Product Name:

Senna leaf powder


Light green powder







Used Part:



Pharmaceutical Grade


Senna leaf powder has been used in health care products and pharmaceutical field due to following functions:
1. Cathartic effect: senna leaf powder contains anthraquinone derivatives, its cathartic effect and irritation more than other laxatives.
2. Senna leaf powder has the function of antibacterial inhibition.
3. Hemostasis: senna leaf powder can increase platelet and fibrinogen, reduced clotting time, recalcification time, prothrombin time and blood clot contraction time, help to stop the bleeding.
4. Muscle relaxation: senna leaf powder can block acetylcholine at the motor nerve terminals and skeletal joints, so that muscle relaxation.

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